Setting up a Bank Account in Germany

Practically it should be a no-brainer, right? You enter the bank, you open the bank account. Well, not always. But hey, why should it be too easy for you? You’re in for an international adventure, remember? There are certain prerequisites you have to meet and there have been cases in which banks, well, they sometimes tend to be a tad mistrusting towards people coming from abroad. And sometimes there are simply tiny communication problems. Remember, in-ter-cul-tu-ral ad-ven-ture. Yes, yes? Now, repeat.


Here’s an example: you decide to set up a business and get that start-up all fired up, you find the bank you trust, you fill in the papers (if you do understand the numerous forms they provide you with, that is) and you send them in. Hooray! No? Well, it’s nice to have, but not always that easy. Even if you have chosen a bank that charges a comparatively large monthly fee for your bank account, which is to say – they should be happy to have you as a new client, be prepared to receive at least one more letter asking more information and/or documents.


Why? Because the banks want to know you’re a reliable client. Because in Germany, every single contract you enter into is usually long term and the service provider on the other side wants to make sure you’re a reliable payer.


If you’re a single person, currently between jobs, just came to Germany, or simply a start-up business you might be facing some challenges here.



In case you’re walking this mile, I can help! Let’s talk about it and see how to move you forward.